Gucci continue to promote the expansion

Gucci fake gucci belts to promote the expansion of global business, and in accordance with the proposal of Aldo began to enter the Far East market. Tokyo and Hong Kong stores have opened for business . The company first launched clothing line , which is the most characteristic GG pattern printed shirts and jackets with fur trim GG buttons . Brand to the unique combination of bold and innovative technology with the Italian legend known for quality . Gucci logo push Chen renovation, the adoption of new styles and colors , together with a suede printed GG logo and a more luxurious materials , small crocodile leather jacket with silver buttons is this luxury snakeheads quality of expression. 1977 , renovated flagship store in Beverly Hills , the new Gucci a private gallery , designed for like Rita Hayworth or Michael Caine appreciation of the value of such high-level VIP $ 10,000 in gold and diamond chain decorative bags, bedding , etc. as well as light-colored fox .

In 1981 , Gucci in Florence organized the first fashion show. In 1982 , Gucci became a public limited company by Rodolfo ‘s son Maurizio Gucci took over , he has a 50 % stake in the company . In 1987, the Bahrain investment firm Investcorp started buying Gucci, culminating in the early 1990s, acquired the entire equity interest of Gucci .

Gucci by tradition and innovation blend perfectly in unprecedented ways , sought to win the world again . In 1994 , Tom Ford as the creative director of Gucci , the luxury brand is injected into a bold , exciting new feeling aroused strong resonance in celebrities and fashion figures. Gucci stiletto shoes and accessories with metal detail silk dresses become hollow reflects the unique perspective of Ford ‘s classic. 1995 , Domenico De Sole served as CEO, and Gucci also successfully transformed into fully listed companies. With its economic and financial performance , strategic vision and management quality of the Press Union of European companies awarded the ” European Company of the Year 1998 ” title . 1999 , Gucci and strategic alliances , from a single brand company into a multi-brand luxury goods group

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Gucci when Buddha by the British aristocracy

Founded cheap gucci belts his hometown of Florence, a business and small leather suitcase shop. Guccio Gucci when Buddha by the British aristocracy elegant hotel work aesthetic impact , the initial inspiration for its brand creative will from London , after which , in order to this elegant sensibility and remarkable feat Italian mainland , especially in Tuscany virtuosity combined with leather craft masters , he returned to Italy.

A few short years , the brand achieved great success at home and abroad on vacation in Florence customers have flocked to a large number of high society Gucci store, looking for their favorite equestrian style bag , bags , gloves , shoes and belts. Guccio many Italian customers are local riding aristocracy , in order to meet the needs of their riding equipment , Gucci designed a unique horsebit pattern – become immortal brand logo , it is a successful example of its innovative design aesthetic .

At that time , Italy is in the difficult years of fascist dictatorship , the very lack of raw materials from abroad, the face of this dilemma , Gucci began to try to use special materials such as hemp, flax and jute . One of the most wonderful innovations craftsman is as polished bamboo handle bamboo bag , its sides curved design inspiration from the shape of the saddle . ” Bamboo Bag ” is one of the many iconic Gucci launched the first product in the exquisite works , the concept of ” necessity is the mother of invention,” to arguments mantra . This handbag has a polished handle highly favored royal staff and celebrities , is still loved by the people .

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Gucci re- play the extraordinary vitality

1990s replica gucci belts re- play the extraordinary vitality . Gucci stands for high-quality , detailed, sexy and provocative . Decorated with horsebit lightweight shoe is interpreted as stiletto heels , eye-catching color silk shirt forging close cut , low waist and hips close to the design velvet trousers.

In 1999 , Gucci and French Pinault-Printemps-Redoute Group as a strategic partner . Gucci rapid development of Gucci Group NV, has a number of brands , established a leadership position in the international luxury brand in .

July 2004 , PPR finally completed a public offering , Gucci Group became a wholly -owned company ( 99.4% ) , and were in Amsterdam and New York Stock Exchange delisted.

In 2005 , Frida was appointed as creative director of Gucci women , and also the main reason the brand all accessories.年2006, Frida further charge of men’s design , the brand became the sole creative director . 2005 published ” La Pelle Guccissima ” under the guidance of Frida leather series. Under the guidance of Frida Giannini creative ideas , plants and flowers to be re- used in the highest sales volume of Gucci handbags, shoes and watches , and other products .

From 2005 to年2008, Gucci4 times new record , revenue grew 46% to more than 2 billion euros , a significant increase profitability . All major capital cities have a new flagship store with a global total of 258 stores .

2005 , Gucci and UNICEF cooperation in support of Africa ‘s orphans and children , so far , Gucci has been on this long-term cooperation to donate $ 7 million.

2008 Interbrand Best Global Brands assessment , Gucci ranked first in all the Italian brands. January 2009 , Patrizio di Marco replaced Mark Lee appointed as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Gucci

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Gucci founded a business in his hometown of Florence

In fake gucci belt, Guccio Gucci founded a business in his hometown of Florence, small leather goods and luggage store .

In 1937 , Guccio the factory expansion , brand and therefore was an unqualified success . Gucci products inspired riding world horsebit and stirrup -themed design, and green – red – green ribbon classic , inspiration comes from one of Florence and became the company’s logo .

With the further expansion of the business in 1938 , Goccio Gucci quickly opened a branch in Rome.

Fascist authoritarian rule by the few years of hard , Gucci ‘s extraordinary creativity established a superior business image . Face material shortages , Gucci introduced a variety of subtly distinctive linen and bamboo instead. 1947 launched the first “Bamboo Bag”.

Gucci 1950s is the most prominent era. In 1951, in Milan’s Via Montenapoleone store opening on the 5th , two years later , Gucci opened a branch at 58th Street in Manhattan began landing after the United States , stationed in New York is one of the first Italian brand . Is stationed in New York, one of the first Italian brand.

1960s , Gucci in the rest of the world ‘s most prosperous cities have opened new stores and into the Hollywood market . Canvas lace stripes are registered as trademarks of Gucci ; Gucci Jackie Kennedy designed for the “Jackie O” backpack is still known ; Gucci ‘s most famous double G pattern is also designed in this period . Another popular favorite design is a classic decorative horsebit moccasin . Then a few years , Gucci continue to explore new applications and combinations of brand identity , including the horsebit , stirrups , green – red – green ribbon classic , GG interlocking patterns and crest . Crest personally designed by Guccio, depicting knights luggage , roses and steering wheel above him , a symbol of elegance and power of entrepreneurs . Another theme of Flora

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